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Product Recall Information


Why is the GreenPan Dutch Oven being recalled?

There have been four consumer reports that when the GreenPan Dutch oven is used in the oven over 450 degrees the lid can explode, posing potential injury and burn hazards to the consumer. While no injuries have been reported, we are voluntarily recalling the product in an abundance of caution.

You may still use the Dutch oven but not the lid in the oven.


How do I know if my Dutch Oven is part of the recall?

This recall involves ONLY the Greenpan Simmerlite Dutch Oven with Lid. The product comes in six sizes, 3.5Q-7.0Q, and two colors: Black Metallic and Smokey Sky Blue. The top of the lid says “THE DUTCH OVEN” and “GREENPAN.”

The bottom of the lid says “Dishwasher Safe” The Dutch Oven Designed and Engineered in Belgium.” If you still have the bottom of the box, you can find the UPC code on it. I can let you know if your UPC code is involved in the recall.

Recalled Product Name – UPC Number
GreenPan Simmerlite 3.5Q covered dutch oven – 885837016505
GreenPan Simmerlite 4.5Q covered dutch oven – 885837016512
GreenPan Simmerlite 5.5Q covered (round) dutch oven – 885837016529
GreenPan Simmerlite 7Q covered dutch oven – 885837017922
GreenPan Simmerlite 6.5Q oval dutch oven – 885837017939
GreenPan SimmerLite 5.5Q oval dutch oven – 885837019681


Are you replacing the product? 

The Cookware Company is offering consumers two options:

The first option: We are offering a replacement lid that can be used inside the oven but only up to 320 degrees. You will need to send back the old lid and we will send you a shipping label with packaging.

The second option: Return the Dutch oven for a full refund. We will reimburse your purchase price by check.


Do I need to have the purchase receipt for the dutch oven to return it? 

No, You can return the dutch oven without a receipt.


My dutch oven lid appears to be fine. Can I continue to use it? 

You may continue to use the dutch oven on the stove top, but not in the oven. Even though the li