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obsessed with innovation

The Formula for a Better Pan

That’s why we have a dedicated research and development team that analyzes every facet of our products to create never-before-seen technologies that take our collections to the next level. We have over 150 patents to prove it. Discover what dedication can create.

The original healthy ceramic nonstick


Nonstick Without Nasties
Traditional nonstick coatings are plastic synthetics. We created the first, and best, alternative in 2007 with our healthy ceramic nonstick. It starts with nature—the raw material for our coating is sand. Unlike traditional nonstick coatings, Thermolon™ is manufactured without PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium.

Takes the Heat
Thermolon™ is a fantastic heat conductor. Our pans heat quickly and cook food evenly so you can fry and sear even at low heat settings. A little oil, a little heat, and you’ve got a perfectly cooked meal and a pan that wipes clean.

Stainless steel that stays stainless


Stained by Heat
After only a few uses, some stainless steel pans can become fully tarnished. Heat discoloration is caused by progressive thickening of the surface oxide layer (oxides of chromium, iron, nickel) when exposed to heat.

Brighter, Better, Actually Stainless
We think you deserve a pan that stays beautiful. Created to solve the problem of stained stainless, Evershine™ is an electro-chemical surface treatment applied to a pan’s exterior to help keep it looking new long after it’s not.

A trailblazing base for all stovetops


Based in Science
Some induction bases warp due to two types of metal heating at different rates (aka the bimetal effect). Magneto™ is a thick base with copper-reinforced ferromagnetic particles applied to the bottom of each pan. Since it’s integrated into the base, you’ll never have to worry about warping.

Bring Induction Tech Anywhere
Magneto™ optimizes the induction power of any pan. Combining superior induction performance with hard anodized durability, Magneto™ gives you the best of both worlds. Whether you’re using an induction, electric, or gas stovetop, you can expect fast, even heat distribution and flawless results.

A thicker and stronger base

Forged Base

Why You Want It
Many pans are stamped. This is when a flat sheet of metal is pressed into the shape of a pan. When a pan is made this way there’s nothing to prevent it from changing shape when it’s heated, which means lots of warping and wobbling.

Built Tough
We build our pans to last. Our frypans feature forged bases, which are thicker, stronger and adds an additional layer of strength and stability.  This ensures you’ll get even, consistent results over and over again.

A special treatment that makes pans extra tough

Armored Body

Strengthen the Stovetop
Conventional toughening of aluminum cooking surfaces includes flame and plasma sprays, but these leave uneven layers of rough particles, making pans prone to scratches. Hard anodized aluminum is known for its durability, but sometimes even the toughest kids on the block can use some help.

Really, Really, Really Tough
Really.Armored Body is a unique pre-treatment to the hard anodization process. It gives maximum strength to the exterior of your cookware while reinforcing the interior nonstick layer. The results? The most durable pots and pans available.

Keeps your cooking comfortable

Stay-Cool Handles

Get Comfy
We’ve all had the experience of grabbing a hot pan without thinking. But don’t worry. Our stay-cool handles are specially designed to keep things comfortable on the stovetop.

Cool Cool Cool
We have several techniques to tackle hot handles. Many of our collections have a v-shaped cutout to minimize heat transfer. We also use Bakelite, which heat much slower than stainless steel to give you a grip without worrying about heat.

A snag-free way to get a grip

Silhouette Rivets

Strong and Stuck
A riveted handle provides a strong hold, but those round bumps in the bowl of the pan can be food traps. What we wanted was to keep the strength, but to keep a nag-free bowl at the same time.

Low Profile
Our silhouette rivets deliver a clean, streamlined interior, and the riveted connection ensures your pans will have a powerful hold for years to come without worrying about anything getting caught in the bowl.

Keep an eye on your meal

Glass Lids

Don’t Peek
You’ve been cooking for a while and you lift the lid to check on your food. It’s not done, but you’ve lost all your heat. We’ve all been there, and none of us like it.

Take a Look
That’s why we love glass lids. You can cook and look at the same time, without having to worry about losing heat. Our tempered glass lids are also oven safe up to 425˚F (in most collections), so they go where you need them.