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Why Was GreenPan Sued?

GreenPan Lawsuit Dismissed

In 2019, a lawsuit was brought against GreenPan claiming false advertising and concluded with no findings of liability by the company. The case was dismissed.  

What we said about our products is true. Thermolon coating is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium.  

When you revolutionize the nonstick cookware industry, a little pushback is inevitable. We created the original PFAS-free nonstick coating, so we’ve had to lead the way. 

Results of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit claiming false advertising against GreenPan has concluded with no findings of liability and no admission of wrongdoing by our company. GreenPan vigorously disputed the claims that the Plaintiff brought against it, and supported its denial with a multitude of proprietary testing and technical data. The data also included factual insights about GreenPan’s use of Thermolon™, which has been certified by third party testing labs as conforming to international regular food contact standards set by the US FDA (USA Food & Drug Administration) and by EU regulators. Thermolon™ can withstand temperatures up to 850°F/450°C, a degree of which would not be safe to attempt with a traditional nonstick frypan. 

How We Make Better Pans

We Own Our Own Factory & Run Rigorous Product Testing

The Cookware Company owns four factories, including Thermolon, our patented ceramic nonstick coating producer. We adhere to strict quality and environmental regulations that ensure our products live up to our name. We have a dedicated team that does extensive testing and we hold over 150 patents for technological advancements designed to make cooking easier and better for everyone.